Color Palettes in Photography can help you with your wardrobe


As I spend a lot of time looking through fashImageion magazines, and browsing the web, I not only notice great style presented before me, but also the colors that photographers chose to work with. Its a great way to help you know what colors complement each other when trying to put an outfit together.  I styled an outfit for you to give you an example of what I mean….  this photograph above caught my eye mostly because of the vibrant colors, I automatically thought how well they work together. As I looked around in my own closet , jewelry, and even my home decor, I recognized that I already own a lot of items that  have the color mixture of turquoise, burnt orange/ deep red, pale yellow and brown. So i challenge you ladies out there to take a  look in your closet and see if you can pair any of these colors together. Maybe its just as simple as wearing a cream top with turquoise earrings and a burnt orange or deep red scarf…What types of photography inspire you in your home or may help with your wardrobe?

Til Next time…. Paula Danielle


2 thoughts on “Color Palettes in Photography can help you with your wardrobe

  1. This is fabulous ! To decorate my home I sometimes go to a photo palette or a pillow I love , but I’ve never done this with fashion or wardrobe!! Awesome tip !thanks!!
    Love this blog ! Can’t wait to read more!

    • Since youre a hair and makeup artist we’re pretty sure you wear a lot of black. So step out of your shell a little and add some color. With your skin tone, you should embrace it by wearing color pieces! Think of what art inspires you, the way you decorate your home is full of color. Lets see you in turquoise, pinks, lavender, and even that burnt orange that you love so much to decorate with. love you!
      ~Ashley and Paula

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