Your Weekend Project

Smart Jewelry Storage without sacrificing style or your budget!!!

I obsess over these ideas for your jewelry!!! No wonder I wanted this to be my first “weekend project” for you guys.  Always remember one thing, there are no rules when it comes to “D.I.Y projects” I’m just here to inspire you to create.  That’s why I would love your feedback and photo’s on how your project turned out.

Here are some of my recommendations and a list of some supplies you might need to make this project….

Picture Frames– if you’re going to paint your frame I would use a semi-gloss finish and then a coat of polyurethane to protect it.                                                                                     Branches– You could even paint those too!                                                                   Decorative door knobs- To hang your “BLING” from. I LOVE the door knobs they have at Anthropolgie.                                                                                                                    Metal mesh or chicken wire- You can find them at your local home repair store (usually in the garden section) Tin snips would be best to use to cut your metal mesh or chicken wire to the size you need.                                                                                           Stacked cake stands– You would be surprised what you can find at goodwill. And you can never go wrong with Tj-maxx/Marshalls. (Don’t like the design of what you find? Spray paint it)

Are you feeling EXTRA HANDY?  Try looking for a decorative mirror and taking the glass out of the frame. Or going to your local hardware store and finding decorative molding to build your own frame. Remember to send me your pictures of your project!!! Hope you have fun. You can always email me if you have any questions on this project. 

“Love who you are”                                                                                                          Ashley

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