What does this phrase mean to you?

                             Can you count how many times youve heard this phrase?

 This phrase plays a lot of importance and holds a lot of meaning in my life. I often tell myself that everything happens for a reason. The reason for that is, in my life, there have been many times where I question myself “why did this happen?” or “what was the reasoning behind that?” I then try to remember how strong my faith is, that everything will be okay, and that in the long run I will soon find out the answers to those questions I was asking myself. It may not be right away, but in time I’ve always been able to look back and say see, everything does happen for a reason. For instance, when one door closes, another door opens. Sometimes the people who come into your life are put there for a reason. There are a couple of people I can think of, that if i hadn’t been at that certain place and at that particular time, I would have never met them. I strongly feel that every challenge ive gone through has made me either learn a life lesson, or made me a stronger person. I put together a little collage of inpirational says or words that have helped me along the way.

                                        ~Paula Danielle

Why is it that six simple words can be so hard to believe when we are being challenged?! If you were to tell me nine years ago when I was a young single mom that I would be able find my soul mate who loves my son and I unconditionally, and would be able to provide a home for my son I wouldn’t of believed you. When I look back at all the hard times and how far I’ve come I realized all these things happened for a reason! Every challenge that I have faced has made me a stronger person. Whether it was going out of my comfort zone to try something new, or something scary and unexpected knocking at my door, something beautiful always came out of it. These images on my board symbolize pieces of my life that I never saw coming.

“Love who you are”  ~Ashley

****For you who feel that you agree with what we’ve shared.. or maybe you disagree and there are reasons why you feel the way you do, I encourage you to please share with us your stories, or beliefs. Maybe there is another quote you live by that has helped you along the way just as this one has helped us.

~Ashley and Paula

10 thoughts on “What does this phrase mean to you?

  1. I couldn’t agree more with you both! I also live by that quote because there are some situations we are dealt in life that all you can do is just believe that there is a reason that it is happening and everything will work out the way it is meant to in the end. Thank you guys for sharing this today! It’s nice to take a moment to reflect on the simple things, like certain sayings, that help you get through any type of situation whether good or bad :o)


    • Thanks for commenting vallie! You’re so right, sometimes we take life for granted and forget to appreciate the simple things in life and maybe the simplest thing that happen could have so much meaning. Hope you continue to follow our posts and that they pertain to you. ❤
      ~Ashley and Paula

  2. Okay- so I’ve been thinking about this all day. And here are some things that came to mind. They are random mind you, but that’s just how my mind works! 😉

    So have you ever remembered knowing someone but not remembering their name – maybe an old co-worker or someone you met at a party, etc. Sometimes even though I can’t remember the person’s name but I remember something they have encouraged me to do or something they said to make me feel confident. A person comes into your life for a reason – you may not know why at the time, but everything happens for a reason…

    How about this, just when you are feeling down and can’t figure out why you are here, someone comes around that needs you and in helping them you feel better about yourself and are glad you were there to help. Everything happens for a reason…

    OR you don’t realize that a bad situation can actually be good for you. Learning from our mistakes is the biggest education we can get for free (most of the time). That person that told you that you couldn’t accomplish something so it gave you the drive to prove them wrong. The time your car wouldn’t start and after it was finally fixed you realize there was an accident at the exact spot you would have been IF you were on time. Everything happens for a reason…

    And last but not least, that person that comes in and out of your life at different times, random times. Pay attention. They are there for a reason!

    • Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us!!! There are so many situations that you brought up that are so true, like when you mentioned having one little conversation with a complete stranger and you leave that person feeling that they just gave me the inspiration I needed that day! “Everything happens for a reason” Thanks again for sharing, and hope to hear from you again ❤

      ~Ashley and Paula

  3. I am a true believer of this phrase…I think it is very difficult to except. If you think of things that have happened in your life, bad experiences, difficult decisions, good experiences…there is always something later that wouldn’t have happend unless you experienced what you did before. Life is a test. It’s excepting what is happening in your life because God has a plan for you. It helps you to think on the positive side which def leads to happier days 🙂

    • Thank you for sharing your beliefs on this quote. You’re so right about Life being a test. I think we all can think of at least one test that we’ve had to deal with at one point in time… Hope we continue to hear from you!
      ~Ashley and Paula

  4. Oh yes,you shaped me first inside, then out; you formed me in my mother’s womb. I thank you , High God–you’re breathtaking! Body and soul, I am marvelously made! I worship in adoration–what a creation! You know me inside and out, you know every bone in my body; You know exactly how I was made, bit by bit, how I was sculpted from nothing into something. Like an open book, you watched me grow from conception to birth; all the stages of my life were spread out before you, The days of my life all prepared before I’d even lived one day. Psalm 139 verses 13-16 Do I believe things happen for a reason I sure do because it has already been decided long ago.

  5. Ladies, I love your input and ideas so far. Keep it wholesome and clean. There is enough filth out in the world today. Be proud of what you are doing and keep the creative ideas flowing. Love to you both. I failed to put in the post above that it was from the message bible.

    • Thanks Debbie for both of your responses. The verse you posted was beautiful. We have more Inspirational quotes coming up..Please continue to share and inspire….
      ~Ashley and Paula

  6. I do believe that everything happens for a reason. As I look back in my life, I see how each experience is like a thread woven into a beautiful tapestry. Nothing is a coincidence. I believe God allows us to take different paths but He always sends people into our lives to guide us and take care of us plus using every experience for our good. To be honest, I wish I knew what I know now when I was in my twenties, but then again it wouldn’t be an interesting journey would it?

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