What are your “comfort” clothing items?

Today I wanted to share with you what I consider “comfort clothes.” You know those days where you just don’t feel like wearing an outfit that may be cute but uncomfortable? Well I come across those days quite often… I put together a couple different outfits that you can still look cute and yet you’re still able to look “put together” and stylish.

~ This outfit would be great for work or to go out in. The shirt is flowy, and who doesn’t like leggings?? The flats go perfect with this outfit and they’re so comfy. I would consider this look casual dressy.


The reason why I love this outfit so much is because of how lose the tops are. The yellow flats add some spunk and color to the this set.



       This is what I consider a “Paula” outfit. I love skinny jeans and loose colorful tops. All I usually do is add riding boots and jewelry.

What do you wear when you feel bloated or just want to be comfortable? I would love to hear some ideas that may inspire me as well as others who need some assistance on putting together an outfit.

                       Let your imagination run.

                         ~ Paula Danielle


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