Your Weekend Project

Thinking outside the box with decorative molding.

This is a very easy and inexpensive way to spice up any room. The high heel display is my favorite! I did this in my bedroom and it looks amazing while serving a purpose, I have an old Victorian home so I don’t have a lot of storage so this was perfect for me.

If you decide to use the circle moldings for wall art I recommend laying them out on the floor before you start nailing them in the wall. That way you can play around to see where you want them to hang. (use that same idea when hanging a collection of picture frames)

If your going to use the crown molding for the high heel display, make sure you attach your molding with enough room for the high heel to rest on. I brought one of my high heels with me to Lowes just to make sure I choose the right molding.

If your going to make the adorable pencil holder, that type of molding is called “Rosette Block” you can use wood glue or finishing nails to make your box.

All the moldings that you see above can be found at your local home repair store. And after your paint dries make sure you do a coat of polyurethane. A list of supplies you might need for this project are…. A Level, hammer, finishing nails, wood glue, paint and polyurethane.

Remember to send me your pictures of your project! I would love to post them on our blog!! Until next weekend…..

“Love who you are” ~Ashley


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