Inspirational Collage for Valentines Day!

Paula's Valentine Inspiration Collage
I know some people are totally into Valentines Day, and others aren’t so much.  I see it as a day to show love and appreciation to your special someone more than you usually would. Whether it be a simple card saying ” I Love You”  or getting dressed up for your loved one, wearing those sexy heels that have been sitting in your closet for months.  Lighting candles and playing a simple card game on the floor, no phones, no tv, just the two of you… Going out to a candle light dinner. In the collage above I added images that might inspire you to do some of the things I just discussed. What is your image of a perfect Valentines Day?
Again I would love to hear some feed back.. maybe you could give me an idea for next Tuesday!
        ~Let your imagination run…..
                                    –Paula Danielle

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