Valentine Inspiration

Need some ideas for Valentine’s day?!?!

I’ll be “setting the mood” for you love birds the next couple of posts, I hope you enjoy… I should get one thing out on the table before we go any further on our journey here at Inspire. I am not a cook! You will most likely NEVER see any recipes from me here on this blog because I have no idea what I’m talking about when it comes to food. Ahhhh there I said it!!! 😉 Consider this V-day post the “after dinner” part.

Number 1 on my list– Grown Under Glass Bubble Bath from Anthropologie. Not only is the product amazing but the bottle is gorgeous!

Number 2 on my list– Oak Bath Caddy. Obsessed with this!!!!

Number 3 on my list– Amaretto-Cranberry Kiss. This link offers “The top five sexiest cocktails”

Number 4 on my list– “52 reason’s I love you” This is by far my favorite handmade gift to date! To learn how to make this gift…

Well I hope this has you excited for Valentine’s Day! And I hope that I gave you some great ideas. Remember to keep a look out for more Valentine inspiration!

“Love who you are” xoxo~Ashley

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