Inspire me Wednesday

This quote has touched me in a lot of ways. After a good friend of mine sent this to me, I asked myself in what ways could I relate. I know that in High School it seems like at times it’s all about how you look, who’s wearing what, who hangs out with who, etc. It’s a lot of pressure for someone at such a young age. Now that there is Facebook, It sometimes creates more issues for those young women.  I wish that I could explain to teenage girls that I too, was worried about those things in high school and at that time it seemed soo important to me , But if they only knew that there are so many great things in life to be grateful for and appreciate I think it would help them view their life differently. If I could convince them to be their own person, love who they are,  and to not worry about what others think, I would. Its easier said than done, I know. I can admit that I still need that reassurance from time to time because even as a woman and not a teenager, I still at times worry about what others think and get caught up in pointless matters. But not nearly as much as I did when I was younger. I know there are moms out there that can relate to this story if they have teenagers or even now, at the age you are, can relate to this quote. I ask you to please share your story or give advice to other bloggers who may be checking in with Ashley and I.

~Let your imagination run

-Paula Danielle


Don’t you feel as if we live in a world that obsesses over rushing you into the next thing? Whether it be trying to look a certain way or having the latest tech gadget, or giving your child the newest toys etc. I do! And that’s what came to my mind when I read this quote. I think it’s so important to remind ourselves (which we have to do quite often) that we won’t be able to stay relaxed or satisfied if we try to keep up with the “demands” of society. I think at any age we will always have this pressure on us. So if we try to simplify our life and find a place where we can be happy with who we are and what we do, we won’t let these “demands” run our life. Remember Paula and I would love to hear what comes to your mind when you read this quote.

“Love who you are” ~Ashley


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