Undergarment Suggestion Guide

                                             Happy Valentines Day Bloggers!

    Since spring is right around the corner and hopefully the warm weather to follow… I thought I’d write a blog about the correct undergarments to wear under tanks, white tops and bottoms, or items that may be see-through.

Lets start with a simple tank top. If it’s a racer-back like the image below, your straps should not be showing like this…. so strapless would work or even a racer-back bra would be perfect. My suggestion is to invest in the Victoria Secret Bio Fit bra that allows you to wear it 7 different ways.





With white tops, you never want to wear anything other than a nude bra. I know some of you probably think that it may be attractive to show off your bright pink bra, but believe me, men like some things left to their imagination. haha

That is the same for white pants. A nude thong is the best for linen pants or any pants that are a thin material. You also want to stay away from any lines that may show like below.

With Black tops, a black bra is what works best.. There are some materials that if you wear a light-colored bra, you can still see through even a black shirt. So just to be safe, I recommend a black bra.

What I feel most comfortable wearing are “T-shirt” bras or a strapless. They are plain yes, but with no lace means no lumps with any shirt I wear. For those ladies who wear a larger size bra I found an amazing blog/website that will help guide you in every direction for the correct bras you should be wearing. http://blog.biggerbras.com/ You’ll love it!

If you have any other suggestions or questions about what to wear with a specific article of clothing… please reply to this post! also, don’t forget to click “follow” at the top right of our page. I hope everyone has a great Valentines Day!

   Let your Imagination run…..

                                     ~Paula Danielle


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