Kimono Asian inspired tops for Spring!

Kimono Asian inspired tops for Spring!

So for this spring, one particular item I’m excited about is the Kimono-Style top. I’ve not only seen it featured in all the fashion magazines, but in several affordable clothing stores.

The great thing about this type of top is that it has a silky feel with vibrant colors. The one I purchased at target for $24.99, is black with a pink and yellow floral print which creates an automatic ultra-chic look when you pair it with jeans. Since it’s still a little chilly out, you can easily wear boots with this Asian-inspired top.  In the spring, it’ll look best with flats or dress it up with a pair of pumps and black skinnys. Another plus is that this blouse can work for any body type. I suggest you grab one while you can! So far the store I’ve seen them at is Tjmaxx, Target, and the cheapest one so far is at Forever 21 for $19.80.

Can’t beat that!

-Let your Imagination run….

       ~Paula Danielle


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