Your Weekend Project

My Obsession for Doors and Door Knobs”It’s really endless what you can create with doors and door knobs. I just love the idea of “trash to treasure” I wanted to share my dinning room table with you that I made from an old door.  This table actually has a lot of meaning to me, I used my table at my wedding reception and built it with my grandfather. I have photo’s and how-to instructions here at

Some people collect stamps, coins, spoons, I collect door knobs! I probably own everyone from Anthropologie . I love door knobs so much sometimes I don’t even do anything with them I just like to have them in my house! Ok enough about my weird obsession. I found some great ideas for you to try this weekend in your home with door knobs. Remember to let me know how your project turns out! Have fun and Happy Weekend!

Thought you might like to see some beautiful doors I found on Pinterest…..

“Love who you are”~Ashley


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