Inspire Me Wednesday

It’s so hard to not question everything we have worked so hard for, for so long and then not to see the results we expected. We can easily get discouraged and want to give up. Some one just recently told me that happiness is a choice. So what choices are we going to make to get to where we want to be? And to turn that impossible mind-set into the possible!"Love who you are"


One thought on “Inspire Me Wednesday

  1. Happiness is a choice. If you are unhappy it’s only because you choose to be…you continue to make the same choices that make you unhappy or choose not to make the choice to change what can make you happy. I have made many choices in my life that have led me to where I am now. They always haven’t been the right choices, but the wrong ones I’ve learned from and grown from. I made a choice a long time ago that my happiness is up to me and I can’t depend on anyone else for it. I searched for what I wanted in my life for myself and what things were important to me and started making choices in that direction…not giving myself an excuse for any different. I did sacrafice things along the way, but knew my ultimate goal was to be happy with myself and my life. I am happier than I have ever been. I feel that a part of the choice to be happy is making the choice to like who you are, being proud of the right desicions you are gradually making in the right direction and to be confident about what you want in your life. To constantly dwell about past bad descisons will only keep you stagnant and/or regress in life. I have learned to except my bad choices made. So all of this being said, I believe that you are the only one in control of your future and your happiness.

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