“Your Weekend Project”

mason jars

I think it’s safe to say we all love mason jars!!! There are so many ways you can use them. And you can go to just about any where and pick them up for cheap! Here are a few that I put together for you and I even threw in a picture from my work space of how I use mason jars. There are a couple of links below of instructions on how to put some of the ideas together. I hope you enjoy! And happy weekend 🙂 “Love who you are”~Ashley

Painted Mason jars http://decorhacks.com/2011/07/decorative-mason-jars/


One thought on ““Your Weekend Project”

  1. I have found some real old mason jars up in Amish country, like blue ones! They also have quite a few at the general store on Rt. 896 at the intersection after the Bull Frog Inn. Chadds Ford Antique Mall has some cool ones too. If you don’t want to be fancy, go to the Giant or Tractor Supply and buy a case!

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