[Guest Post] Hair Stylist Kim// “Wedding Inspiration”

Please welcome Kim from Jillian Grace Salon!

We are in for a real treat the next couple of weeks!!! The lovely and talented Kim is teaming up with us on our “Wedding Inspiration”. Kim will be sharing what inspires her and tips on various hairstyles! She inspires us on a daily basis, and we are so excited that she will be sharing her knowledge with all of us! You should check her out over at http://www.jilliangracesalon.com/

Hi Inspire readers!!! When Ashley and Paula asked me to be a part of their blog, I was thrilled! I have always enjoyed sharing techniques and ideas that I have learned during my career. I was given the talent to work with my hands. My passion for hair, fashion and art came at an early age. I remember styling my barbie’s hair, and putting my own outfits together at the age of 4. It was quite the fashion show in my house! I loved coloring, mainly with crayons and water colors. I would say a lot of my color inspiration comes from nature and my creativity in cutting comes from time periods. I must say the “bob” is my all time favorite hairstyle. Over the years I’ve learned many techniques. The best techniques I have learned stem from the house of Bumble and Bumble, a premium line of products in the hair industry. Eventually, my dream and goal is to educate others on what I have learned and pass my inspiration onto those who share my love of hair.


Kim and her little man Cameron.

What to expect from “Wedding Inspiration”…….

 Every Friday we will be posting an “Inspiration board”. We chose the hottest themes, looks and color pallets to help inspire you with the planning of your special event. So keep a look out tomorrow on “Rustic Lovin”.

xoxo, Ashley, Paula and Kim

2 thoughts on “[Guest Post] Hair Stylist Kim// “Wedding Inspiration”

  1. Kimba,
    You have been quite the artist since you were very young! I remember when you used to “style” my hair as you sat on the back of the couch with your brush and hair clips. I am very proud of your accomplishments and love watching your career grow, especially when I get compliments on my hair. I love to say, “My daughter cuts it!”. Can’t wait to read your inspirational ideas.
    love you so much,

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