Inspirational Wednesday

About a week and 1/2 ago someone who is very close to us received a phone call with news that will now change her life forever. She received information that her boyfriend was in a very bad car accident and was flown to the hospital. He is now in critical condition and every little movement or sound he makes is progress. Our friend informed us that the doctors said the it will be a long journey towards recovery. As she was sitting by his bedside at the hospital, holding his hand, she felt her boyfriend squeeze her hand, and to many of us that may seem like no big deal, but to her, that meant the world. We’re sharing this story with you today, to remind you that life is full of surprises. One day, as you leave for work and kiss your loved one, child,  or friend goodbye, you never know what could happen the next minute. Please keep Kyle,Casey and family members in your prayers as they go through this life changing experience. If you have a familiar story and feel comfortable enough to share, please do.

~Ashley and Paula ❤

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