Inspire me Wednesday!

Learning to say "no"
We wanted to talk about how we find it so hard to say “no” sometimes to do things we really don’t want to do or accepting help from those who offer. Why do we do that? Why not accept the help if we need it or feel comfortable saying “no” to a favor we really don’t want to do? Maybe it’s because we feel like we don’t want to let down the people we love and care about. We want to please everyone and take on as much as we can. So when others ask if we need help, we automatically say “no” because we like to think and tell ourselves, we can accomplish everything on our own and don’t need anyone elses help. What we need to realize is that some people enjoy helping out others, so we should accept the help. We shouldn’t feel guilty saying “no” instead why not be honest with ourselves and others. If we are constantly saying “yes” or committing to more than we can take on, we may become more of a let down because we become overwhelmed.
What do you think about this topic?
Can you relate?
Do you have any advice to anyone out there who is a people pleaser?
If so, please share by replying on our blog.
we would love to hear from you!
Let your imagination run, Love who you are~ Ashley & Paula

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