Wedding Inspiration

Color Inspiration…..

Love this vintage type-writer as your guest book.

Such a gorgeous combination.

So pretty for the reception. Very easy to make on your own. d.i.y pom poms

I know this looks weird but trust me it’s amazing! If you build or find a structure or even have a space that you would like to make a statement with this is for you! More details here

xoxo, Ashley

This will be perfect as a definer to match bridesmaids dresses.

Sheer pink nail polish. Purchase here

Bridesmaids hair, simple yet unique!

This eyeshadow ties in the plum and sheer pink.

I thought this would be perfect for the flower girl. Purchase Here

Your something blue! Purchase Here

xoxo, Kim

Brides Dress

Brides Shoes

Grooms tie

Plum Bridesmaids Dresses accented with….

Moss Green and teal blue shoes and….

These simple Pink earrings that will help to coordinate the brides pink dress

I chose this moss green tie for the groomsmen.

The style and color of this dress ties in the whole color theme for this wedding of the week

Attire chosen by: Paula Danielle

4 thoughts on “Wedding Inspiration

  1. I love the eye makeup! It is very dramatic and elegant. And who says that brides have to wear white? LOVE the pastel color brides dress and the plum color bridesmaids dresses!

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