Inspire me wednesday:What makes YOU smile???

Have you ever had a day when you just feel down in the dumps, unhappy, and need a picker upper? Then you see something, hear a song or joke, smell a lovely fragrance, remember a happy memory that makes you smile, laugh, giggle to yourself, and then turns your whole day around. You went from sad to happy in a matter of seconds. Here are a few examples we could think of that have made us happy from time to time. We hope at least one of these images brightens your day!



A cute puppy…..

Smell of flowers…..

The sound of your favorite artist….

Watching the sunrise or sunset….

After seeing these images…  Can you share with us what makes you smile???

Let your imagination run~ Paula Danielle

Love who you are~ Ashley

One thought on “Inspire me wednesday:What makes YOU smile???

  1. Surrounded by people I love, my husbands sense of humor, kids and their imaginiations and watching them grow, Will Ferrell movies, My Hannah, a clean house, feeling accomplished, eating an amazing meal, Football and baseball on sundays, crabs & beer, driving with the windows down singing as loud as possible.

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