Inspire Me Wednesday

I was watching the movie Kung Fu Panda 2 with my son, and I received a strong message that inspired me to share with you.

In the sequel, Shifu, The pandas master,shows new abilities taught through the power of inner peace. He can do things that seem to be impossible, like using tai chi movements to catch a drop of water and redirect its movement without breaking it.  He says that Inner peace can be gained in various ways depending on the person. He gives an example of one way being to meditate for fifty years without eating or drinking. Another way, he explained, is to endure pain and suffering. Before Po, Kung Fu Panda, sets out to Face an intimidating challenge, Shifu’s last words to him are:

“Anything is possible when you have inner peace.”

My interpretation of Inner peace is to put anything negative that you feel in your heart, to rest. Whether its holding onto things that may have happen in the past, feeling negative about certain people, places, things. It’s just being at peace with yourself. After hearing this message, and knowing the meaning of inner peace, im going to make a goal for myself to try to come to peace with a couple of things. I think forgiveness is one of my main goals, along with acceptance of myself…Being at peace with who I am. Who would have thought that a movie such as kung fu panda 2, would make such an impact in my life….

Have you found your Inner peace?? If so, how did you do it?

What would you like to work on in order to find your peace within yourself?

We would love to hear your stories so please share if you can relate:)

Love who you are~Ashley

Let your imagination run~Paula Danielle


One thought on “Inspire Me Wednesday

  1. This post means so much to me. Inner peace is something I want to strive for in life. We only get one shot. Thank you guys for this post.
    Love you boos

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