Chalk Board Paint

I got a little carried away with this project! I’ve used chalk board paint in my house and it looks great and the whole family enjoys it. You can buy chalk board paint just about anywhere now!!! Here are a few ideas of what you can do with chalk board paint…..

So cute! Boy or girls room

This is great if you don’t want to paint an entire wall!

Brilliant idea, Magnetic chalk board! check it out here

Obsessed with the traditional green chalk board!

This just shows you can paint anything with chalk board paint! My 9-year-old would love this!

How fun would this be when you have parties and your family and friends write a message down. Could be really interesting the next morning ha!

Come on! This is too cute.

Now with colored chalk board paint available look how much fun you can have with it! Here is a step by step from one of my favorite blogs…… HouseofFifty

Send me your pics from your chalk board projects!

“Love who you are”~ Ashley


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