Inspire me Wednesday- Holding Hands

The other day I was people watching out of my apartment window, and I noticed this elder couple most likely in their 80’s holding hands and laughing together. It put the biggest smile on my face. I love seeing happy couples especially when they still seem to be so in love after probably celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Whats the meaning of holding hands? What does it symbolize? How do you feel when holding hands with someone?..comforted? compassionate? security?

Holding hands is a form of physical intimacy involving two or more people. It may or may not be romantic and there are many different reasons for holding hands…

  • to keep together (in a crowd or in darkness)
  • to help the other walk, stand or climb up
  • to dance
  • to express friendship or love
  • for emotional support
  • to guide (a child, a blind person, in darkness, etc.)

Some people say that the way you hold hands symbolizes different things, such as, if your fingers are intertwined and locked that would show signs of a relationship or intimacy. If you hold someones hand palm to palm, that shows signs of guidance and support. I know that when my son holds my hand I feel the most comforted and whole. When he was a baby he would hold onto my pinkie and I felt the same way.

Some of you may disagree and not like public affection or you may be the type of person that feels most comforted by kind words instead of holding hands or any other affection. We would love to hear your feed back on today’s post:) Do you agree with the different types of holding hands and what they symbolize?

Let your imagination run~Paula Danielle

Love who you are~ Ashley


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