COvEr Up With STYLE!

I wanted to give you some ideas on what to pack this summer in your beach bag. Some of my favorite things to pack are, a light-weight mens button up shirt to throw on, I also love wearing my crochet knit sweater that’s just long enough to cover my tushy:)The last couple cover ups I wanted to share are, a shear tunic, and a cropped top. Of course the cropped top would be worn if you’re not conscious of your bottom.


Light knit sweater

Rugged mens t-shirt

Simple black dress with straw hat

Simple stripe tank

Long-sleeved/ off the shoulder top

How cute this loose tie dye top is to go with a bright swim suit

 Can’t forget about a sarong…these colors are so perfect for this summer heres a guide on how to tie one.

Hope you enjoy:)

Let your Imagination run~Paula Danielle

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