Velvet Love….

I personally think that velvet can be a hit or miss! But when it’s done right it is so gorgeous! Here are a few of my favs…..

Instead of having just the bed-skirt velvet they tied everything together with a few pillows done in velvet.

This chair belongs in my Aunt Betsy’s house 😉 Soooo pretty!

Beautiful headboard. This takes me back to the d.i.y head board post I did. You can take those same steps for this look too.

How cute are these book coverings too?!?!

This look could work in so many spaces!

If only my boys would let me bring this couch in our home! Oh some day in my ‘mom cave’!

Which one is your favorite? Have any velvet in your home! I would love for you to send me pictures!

‘Love who you are’ ~Ashley

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