Keep your summer/spring pieces out for fall!

Whenever the seasons are about to change, a lot of people tend to completely switch out the clothes in their closet. I’m challenging you to keep your spring and summer clothes in your closet this fall. Of course you’re going to store the tube tops, halters, bathing suits, sandals, flip-flops, jean shorts etc.. but the pieces you should keep are the lace shorts, your printed dresses, bold color tops, anything that you can layer basically. Here are a few examples….

This dress with booties and …

also….keep your pale skinnys you purchased this summer and create a layered look like this..

keep your lace shorts to create an outfit like this…

or your favorite spring dress, add nylon, tights, just remember to pair with all neutrals

If you have a tank top that you love, keep it in your closet, add a pashmina or infinity scarf, jeans and boots…

If you need any assistance organizing your closet or a guide on what to keep or an idea of what to pair up…. email me and we can schedule you an appt!!

Let your imagination run~Paula Danielle


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