Date Night….

So my two-year anniversary is coming up and I’ve been thinking of what to get the hubby and what we could do to celebrate. It also had me thinking that my husband and I haven’t had a ‘date night’ in months!!! I know kids, sports, and work, etc get in the way. So I’m setting a goal for myself and I hope you do too, that once a month I’m committing to date night. Even if it’s after the kids go to bed (saves on babysitting). I found some fun ideas that I plan on doing with my husband.

My wedding day- most beautiful day ever! 2 years on 9-18-10 🙂

I wanted to share a blog that I visit often called cherishing hopes and dreams. She did a really fun post called 30 things: It’s a list of random questions to ask each other on date night. Grab a bottle of wine some music and tadah fun and CHEAP date night 🙂

You can color coordinate the popsicle sticks to what amount of money you can spend.

This is just great!! It reminds me when I started dating my husband when we had to sneak around teehee.

‘the nest’ website has 100+ date night ideas

I hope I gave you some great ideas and also encouraged you to commit to ‘date night’. Have any great ideas you would like to share? Leave a comment below.

‘Love who you are’~Ashley


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