Fur for all!

Everyone needs a little fur this season fall/winter..find faux fur vests,scarfs, and wraps in almost every store!

What do I wear underneath a fur vest?

Are they sold in more than one color?

Fur sounds expensive, where can I find an affordable one?

All of these answers are shown below…..

Pair with Black Dress and Brown knee-high boots for that bohemian/ 70’s look

Pair with Jeans and a Flannel top for a relaxed look

This is my favorite look.. Pair with a light weight blazer and jeans

Find it in black and dress it with all black to blend the look

If you choose to go this way, I would recommend wearing a light color top such as off-white, cream or winter white

Found at H & M, I love this color.

Great way to add fur to your attire, a scarf is the way to go

Even a little fur made just for the little ones.. how adorable

**If you’re going to wear fur, please don’t go in this direction.  Take note!

Fur NO NO’s….

This type of fur vest is way to bulky, I wouldn’t recommend wearing a light-colored top underneath a dark vest. You want to keep it neutral. Also the belt creates a cheaper look  being pleather.

I don’t really have to say much about this one. Everything is wrong about this one.

You can find the right fur accessory in stores such as, Target, Limited, Express, Gap, Tjmaxx, H&M, Forever 21 and many more…

Please email us a picture of how you’d wear your fur!

~Let your imagination run. Paula Danielle




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