Ashley Morgan

Hey there! I’m Ashley, and I’m so excited that you are here. Here’s  a little about me…..

I remember when I was a little girl all I ever wanted to do was color and decorate Barbie and Ken’s house. The only thing that has changed now is I’m using a paint brush to “color” my furniture and shopping endlessly at Marshalls Home Goods to decorate “Brandon and Ashley’s  House” (That’s my Hubby) I came across this saying on Pinterest  one day (btw I have a slight addiction to)  “Every child is an Artist. The problem is staying an artist when you grow up”.

You will notice me posting A LOT about my obsession with  Anthropologie, my “trash to treasure” finds , updates on My Etsy Shop, weekend  D.I.Y projects, and the endless joy’s of mommy hood.

I love being a mommy to Ashtin and Blake. I’m married to the hardest working man in the world just so I can stay home raising our boys and to use my creativity. Not only is it a joy to start this blog with one of my best friends, but to escape to a place where I can express myself and share my creativity with all of you.

“Love who you are”                                                                                                                      Ashley

More of me:

 Twitter     My Shop      Pinterest

“My little space that makes me smile”



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