Paula Danielle

 Hi Bloggers!  My name is Paula and I’m a Philly based Fashion Stylist, Closet Coordinator, and Personal Shopper. I’ve worked for a large department store Photo Studio for many years as their Head Stylist, as well as free lancing for other large companies, one of which is the largest ecommerce companies in the country.

When I was 19, I had the pleasure of shadowing a National Fashion Designer in the Tampa  Bay area, who has sold her items on HSN and was a former host on QVC. I was asked to travel to Florida and New York to assist her on her clothing collection and take me behind the scenes of her world. That’s when I decided this is something I have such a strong passion for and wanted to pursue for a living. Surrounded by models from all over the world, photographers and other artists in the industry, I’ve been inspired in so many ways.

      I told myself that in this new year of 2012, I would take that inspiration and expand my services of fashion advice and closet coordinating to others out there who may appreciate what I have to offer. My goal is to not change who you are as a person, but to make you feel beautiful and confident in the clothes you wear by providing you with some ways to be more open with your style.

         As a mom of a wonderful 4 year old boy, I am the happiest I could be, although there is never a dull moment, as you mommies out there already know. So of course, I have many stories as well as questions I would like to share with you. I invite you as a follower of this blog to feel free to also share your stories, tips, and ask questions or comment on anything you’d like! I hope both Ashley and I are able to inspire you the way we’ve been inspired.

“Let your Imagination run”              ~ Paula Danielle

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