Inspired Design: Color Inspiration…..

Hi Loves!! I wanted to do a post off of my love for Nate Berkus collection!! Black, White and Gold!!!! I’ve been re-doing my bedroom in white and gold and I’m just so in LOVE! Take a look at some pieces and designs I found….. 
white and gold14

This pillow is from Nate Berkus’s collection over at Target.white and gold1

This wall paper I putting behind my bed (Can’t wait). This is from Urban Outfitters.

white and gold2

Black and white stripe with gold is STUNNING!

white and gold3

Classic Look

white and gold4

white and gold5

There is way too much that I love in this space!!!

white and gold8

So bright and fresh.

white and gold9

white and gold10

I love all the mix of textures and prints. It works to so well together.

white and gold11

white and gold12

white and gold13

I hope you enjoyed!!

Love who you are~Ashley


Inspired Design: Bedrooms….

Let’s get inspired. Your bedroom should be that space that you escape to!! I wouldn’t mind coming home to relax in a few of these amazing spaces, how bout you?


Omg these colors are AAAAmazing.


Comfy reading area is a MUST.


Have fun with mixing colors and patterns.


What a cheerful and pretty place to wake up to every morning.


Bringing the outdoors in is like being on a vacation.


Cozy whites and sophisticated neutrals are so relaxing.


ahhh whimsical and romantic!


Pop of color on the bed and an amazing piece of art really completes a space.


Having a one of a kind headboard.


ok that is my dream fireplace! and not to mention the exposed beams.


I love one wall done in wall paper. So pretty


Every bedspread should look like clouds like this one!!!

I hope you enjoyed these spaces as much as I did. Hopefully it helps during these cold gray days.

“Love who you are”~Ashley

Inspired Design: Where I get my inspiration from…..

I love finding inspiration from fashion, food, accessories, just about anywhere really! I love mixing patterns and colors for my Etsy shop ‘Its So Ashley’.  inspiration1

The gold, green, and ikat are so much fun together.


Someday I WILL learn how to re-upholster!



I could put leopard print with anything 😉






This is unexpected and I love that about this bathroom.


Obsessed with floral and strips!!

Where do you find your inspiration?

I hope you enjoyed. “love who you are”~Ashley

Inspire me Wednesday!

Learning to say "no"
We wanted to talk about how we find it so hard to say “no” sometimes to do things we really don’t want to do or accepting help from those who offer. Why do we do that? Why not accept the help if we need it or feel comfortable saying “no” to a favor we really don’t want to do? Maybe it’s because we feel like we don’t want to let down the people we love and care about. We want to please everyone and take on as much as we can. So when others ask if we need help, we automatically say “no” because we like to think and tell ourselves, we can accomplish everything on our own and don’t need anyone elses help. What we need to realize is that some people enjoy helping out others, so we should accept the help. We shouldn’t feel guilty saying “no” instead why not be honest with ourselves and others. If we are constantly saying “yes” or committing to more than we can take on, we may become more of a let down because we become overwhelmed.
What do you think about this topic?
Can you relate?
Do you have any advice to anyone out there who is a people pleaser?
If so, please share by replying on our blog.
we would love to hear from you!
Let your imagination run, Love who you are~ Ashley & Paula

Your Challenge….

Treating yourself

I’m here to follow-up with you!!!! I challenged you guys earlier this month to treat yourself. Have you been? And what did you do for yourself? I have a link that I wanted to share with you on throwing a spa party. They have it as a little girls spa party, but you can definitely take this idea for you and your ladies (just add some cocktails).

“Love who you are”~Ashley and Paula

My Style Board

Making a style board really helps me gather ideas for my spaces. It also helps me visualize what everything will look like before they come into the space. I hope I encourage you to create your own style board whether it be for fashion, interior design, and just any goals that you have for your self! “Love who you are” ~Ashley Draper shelf

Glass vases

Tiered Tin Basket-