Inspired Design: Holiday table setting….

Stunning looks for your table setting…..holiday1







This is the center piece that I made for the holidays. Home made snow globes. Very easy to make. All you need are mason jars, bristle trees, hot glue gun, powdered snow.


How cute is this idea for Christmas morning!! I just had to throw this in 🙂

Hope you enjoyed! ‘Love who you are;~Ashley


“Your Weekend Project”

mason jars

I think it’s safe to say we all love mason jars!!! There are so many ways you can use them. And you can go to just about any where and pick them up for cheap! Here are a few that I put together for you and I even threw in a picture from my work space of how I use mason jars. There are a couple of links below of instructions on how to put some of the ideas together. I hope you enjoy! And happy weekend 🙂 “Love who you are”~Ashley

Painted Mason jars